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Back To the Future

I was rushed back to the future a few days ago while I was cleaning out me mums storage shed.  As I was throwing priceless items from the 80’s such as the pogo ball, I came across a hidden container.  I was shocked to find some long lost artifacts that had magically delicious disappeared years early.  Inside the container I found my journals from my mission and some old comic books in an old shoe box.  I was flipping threw the comic books when I can across some old Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Editions, can I get a high five!.  The swims suites were nice, but that’s not what I want to write about, unfortunately.  Tonight I felt a bit sentimental and I decided  to skim one of the first journals I wrote.  Oddly enough I called it The First Plates of Glover, abridgment by Elder Glover.  As I read I realized that I really suck when it comes to journal writing.  But some its is kind of interesting, at least I think so.  Here is an excerpt from on timeless entry’s

Date 12/22/97

If you see any of these things ( ),I Making Current Remarks on the Past from the Present)

Today we got up the had study, (Riveting I know!) then went to the gym and played b-ball with the sisters.  Anyway it was fun.  Then we came back and study and ate breakfast, then went to Dr. Richens for Elder Reay and Snider (Snider was a Douche, sorry but he was one) to get their backs cracked (Dr. Richens, not a Dr. of Love but a Dr. of Chiropractory)  Then we went to plan at the church.  Sisters, Spanish missionaries), and zone leaders were there, we went with them to Burger King to eat, yuck. I spilled my sprite, it was embarrassing, they gave me a new one!  Elder Hales has some itching problem, fleas or scabies or something (His catch phrase, get over here and shake my hand good buddy!).  Anyway we came back to the church and planed for the week, then went home and called the Nissan dealer to fix our car.  We drove up to Uba City to get it fixed, we were at the dealership for 2 hours.  I fell asleep on one of their green leather couches.  Elder Reay also feel asleep.  We woke up 2 hours later with  people staring at us, quite funny, ha ha ha (Looking back the ha ha’s were lame!) Anyways then Elder Snider gave the 1st discussion to some Muslim guy on the couch.  We got the car back it needs a tune up (Liars).  Anyway they washed our car and the guy who washed it Elder Snider game him a Book of Mormon and got the guys’ address.  We drove back to Gridley listing to the Joseph Smith tapes, there awesome.  I want this book by Hugh Nibley, its called Temples & Cosmos ( I later bought this book, just a side note, has all the answers in it, not reary) very groovy.  Anyways we visited a few people before we went the Nelson’s for dinner.

He is the Stake President, anyways it was a good dinner.  he has 2 daughters who lived in Midvale (In the words of Kenny Chessney, Back where I come from) they were going to SLCC (the local Community College) , they bought a cherry tree from our Nursery last spring.  They told me that my Grandma had helped them and that she was so nice.  Anyway that was groovy.  It was hard because they were beautiful young lady’s ( I guess I must have been impressed with their testimony’s!) Anyways I some how managed, for I am a missionary.  We talked about Utah and somehow we also talked about Disneyland.  We had pumpkin pie for dinner.  I asked them if they herd about Chris Farley, and they did (That will be in the next post or 2) After dinner we visited a non-member and wen to a recent convert, she was so nice..  I read a scripture and then we sang a song.  I will write my tribute to Chris Farley either tomorrow or on Christmas, Night, Night!

Wow, that was longer than I thought.  Well if that was boring you can always come over and look at my old Sports Illustrated Swim Suite Editions, the swims suites might get old but the ladies never do!


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