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Love, sometimes I just want to take a big shit all over it then give it a big fat hug!  Let me explain, love tends to stink even reek sometimes,  but the scent is intriguing, like when you fart and the other person freaks out but your secretly are not grossed out.  Then after a brief moment of enjoying your flatulence, you start to taste it and you realize that this shit stinks.

At that moment you look down and think to yourself its way to late to turn back now, your fully committed and are covered in shit!  So there is only one thing left to do, drop down on all 4’s and commit yourself fully, get down in it and smell that shit.  Then at some moment, maybe the next day or even in a year your realize something very profound, I’m all covered in shit, what the hell am I’m doing.

My friends this is what love is for me, I have finally woken up from that stinky ass shit and have been born again like the virgin mary!  I have had my come to Jesus talk and I realized that loves is not for me, but for the poor saps that like to be covered in dog poo.  As for me I’m shit free since 2003!


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