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Leap Year, Say What?

Who doesn’t enjoy a enjoy a good chick flick everyone once in awhile, this was my attitude going into what was hailed as one of the worst romantic comedies of all time.  Hey sometimes the worse it is the better it will become, or says my Aunt Jemima and her magical syrup!  So in that sense I chose this film and it did not chose me, some call it destiny, I call it lady fate! And fate almost didn’t hit because I nearly missed Leap Year, say what?  Yes it’s true my nymphs, a bold confession about to be reveled, I was alone at the movie theatre like the Michael Mclane Song, You’re not Alone, but really the song is about being alone.  So I was standing their deciding to go see a R rated movie, Edge of darkness or a PG film, Leap Year.  And then it hit me, that old Mormon pirate song, Choose the Right, and you know what, I  chose the right, and you know what also, it paid off!  So I was a bit embarrassed that I was about to see a chick flick(aka Romantic Comedy) all by myself.  I bought the ticket and entered the theatre where as to my surprise I was the only one in there.  But my lady luck was about to run out, as the movie started about 4 girls walked in the theatre and start laughing and snickering at yours truly, ya I know can you believe it!  Okay they were not snickering at me, but they were laughing, I just hope they were drunk and puked on each other later that night!

Anywho so this leads us to Leap Year, a magically delicious bowl of goodness filled with marshmallows!  This movie while on the surface looks predictable, cheesy and arrogant, and don’t get me wrong it is.  But like Donkey from Shrek, this movie is like an Onion, it has layers, and when you get to the center all you find yourself with tears in your eyes and you don’t really know why.  Okay no one cried except at the he-larious slap-stick jokes that were taking place in this wild world of wholesomeness and goodness in what we call PG.  Anyways to make a short story long, 2 Stars, and if you drunk on Irish whiskey I would give it 3 and half stars.  My peeps rent this film unless you want to see Amy Adams in here Knickers, but not enough skin to make me give it another star, more leg next time Amy!  Okay so maybe I should not have chose the right, I should have chose the R, meaning Rated R and the edge of darkness, Oh well!


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More proof…

Have I mentioned how I’m sort of a geek? Well, in case you needed some more convincing here it is. I came across a trailer for a new movie that will be coming out soon. It’s based on a book, one of my favorite books in fact. It’s Dragonlance! These books got me through the hell that is middle school. Seriously these books may have prevented a re-enactment of the events that inspired the song “Jeremy.” It looks to be craptacular, but I’ll probably watch it anyway, can’t wait!
Here’s the trailer

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Roll Out!

Every Tuesday, for whatever reason, is the day when new DVDs and music are released.  This past Tuesday saw the release of Transformers to DVD.  I was so jazzed about this movie I saw it twice in the theater and was able to pick out almost all of the “nods” to the toys and cartoons.  Like the “transforming” sound they make, some lines from the cartoon like, “I am Megatron!!!!” and my personal favorite, “Autobots, roll out.”  In case you haven’t figured it out, I had October 16, 2007 highlighted on my calendar.  Now, if you think that is geeky it gets even better.  On Monday night I got a message from a good friend of mine, Ender, and asked if Iwanted to go with him to get the movie at midnight.  There are a couple of craptacular Wal-Marts in the area that are open 24 hours.  So I said yes of course, and at around 11:30 we “rolled out” to the Wal-Mart.  We go there in plenty of time, about ten till midnight, so we were just hanging out talking.  We weren’t the only ones waiting, there were probably around 15 people or so who were waiting also.  So the bell tolls midnight and they bring out a shopping cart full of Transformer DVDs to hand out.  An orderly line forms and people start getting the DVD.  The nice lady hands me mine, and if you weren’t yet convinced of my geekiness, what I said to the clerk will be the clincher: “Do you have the 2-disc Special Edition?”  A couple of people looked at me with astonishment.  The kind of look Austrolopithicine had when he saw fire for the first time.  The nice clerk to her credit, said she’d look for me and about 10 minutes later Ender and I were the proud owners of the Transformers 2-disc Special Edition DVD.  Complete with director commentary and features on how they made the robots and other special effects.  I would exhort you, if you haven’t done so yet, to watch this movie.  I promise it is worth the price of a DVD rental.  Even if you are not a fan of the toys or cartoons, it is a fun action movie along with some comedic gems like, “I bought a car.  Turned out to be an alien robot.  Who knew?”  That should be on a t-shirt, and if it is tell me so I can buy it.  The movie also has a very impressive musical score.  It’s much better than the official “album” that came out with crappy music from a bunch of bands I never even heard of.  (don’t you hate danglin’s)  I found it at Amazon, and as soon as I get some money I plan to buy it.  But I have to wait because I recently bought this 2-disc Special Edition DVD…

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