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This is my new bi weekly post of the new show’s and my new Ho’s. The new show this week is Chuck. A nerdy nerd that gets kicked out of Stanford finds himself working at a box store called buy more, great premise so far, ya think. A college friend named Bryce, love the name, gets Chuck kicked out of college and starts chuck questioning his beliefs and more importantly his sexuality, ok I made the latter up. Anyways Bryce gets axed but before so he sends chuck all this spy shi*, so chuck becomes this super human computer helping the two government agencies fight evil and skin cancer. There is a little known hottie in the program which leads me to my next point. She is my Ho of the Week. Stand up and take a bow Miss Yvonne Strzechowski. You rock our world like Brett Michaels rocks VH1! Both the show and my lady friend are superb, so check them out and get on with your bad selves!
Chuck Da Spy10f-1.jpg10f3.jpg


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