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This post brought to you by Mycoplasma

Thanks to mycoplasma, I have a little time to write some thoughts.  What I want to write about is of a dire situation.  No more TV!  I’ve been a big couch potato ever since I was little and the TV was the best baby-sitter my parents had.  So this stikes me as sucking, a lot.  What is going on, in case you haven’t heard, is the Hollywood writers (TV and movies) are now on strike.  They want to have a deal in which they get a cut of the sales of DVD’s and revenue from online distribution like iTunes, streaming, and Amazon.  The casualties are already rolling in.  I hear from the 10th Wonder Podcast that Heroes is making plans to have episode 11 its season finale.  That is so infuriating since the show is finally picking up.  Mondays episode lived up to the standards it set last season, and finally stopped being a stupid soap opera.  Shows like Lost may not happen at all, since they’d be unable to finish the season.  And I just read a matter of minutes ago that The Office is now done.  They will not be filming anymore episodes.  These are the first “casualties” that I’ve heard about but I’m sure others will take a hit soon, like “Pushing Daises” (one of my faves, in case you hadn’t heard), “Scrubs”, and the rest.  If I’ve learned one thing from shows like Lost, The Office and Pushing Daises, is that the writing is what makes a show so good.  So I hope the TV execs grow a brain cell or 2 and give the writers what they want.  But looking on the bright side I’ll have more time for the blog, you’ll have more time to read my blog, (what else ya gonna do, read a book?  If that’s the case may I recommend  Dragonlance).  And who knows maybe I could get a job as a “scab writer” for a soap opera.  Nevermind, I’m way too intelligent for that.  It must be the cough medicine and pain killers talking.


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This is my new bi weekly post of the new show’s and my new Ho’s. The new show this week is Chuck. A nerdy nerd that gets kicked out of Stanford finds himself working at a box store called buy more, great premise so far, ya think. A college friend named Bryce, love the name, gets Chuck kicked out of college and starts chuck questioning his beliefs and more importantly his sexuality, ok I made the latter up. Anyways Bryce gets axed but before so he sends chuck all this spy shi*, so chuck becomes this super human computer helping the two government agencies fight evil and skin cancer. There is a little known hottie in the program which leads me to my next point. She is my Ho of the Week. Stand up and take a bow Miss Yvonne Strzechowski. You rock our world like Brett Michaels rocks VH1! Both the show and my lady friend are superb, so check them out and get on with your bad selves!
Chuck Da Spy10f-1.jpg10f3.jpg

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Sins take on the Daisies

All right, I finally had a chance to watch Pushing Daisies tonight thanks to the dvr, greatest invention known to man next to lead paint in children’s toys made in china! But I digress, might I say this a brilliant show. Cleverly written and I caught myself sometimes wondering if I was watching a TV show. This show has the feel of a movie. The narrator as Saint mentions in his earlier blog gives the show a little more something, an oomph! Jim Dale is the narrator of the show, he is the one who did the audio version of the Harry Potter Books, and if you have not had the pleasure of listening to Jim Dale well my friends you definitely have not had a sexually satisfying experience in your life, ya its that good! Best new show of the year, at least that’s what my tummy tells me, and hey it always right about when I’m hungry. Well I will let you go, stay good to yourselves and keep on drinkin’ the good drink!24_pushingdaisies2.jpg

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Daisies for the saint…


I’ve always loved the fall, it’s a great time of year.  Football season has arrived, the air is crisp in the morning, leaves changing color, and baseball FINALLY is watchable.  The fall is also a time when all the new tv shows come out.  Now I haven’t seen all of them but I can give you my two cents on the new stuff I have seen.  One of my new favorites is called “Pushing Daisies.”  It’s a great show, but it’s hard to “get it” unless you’ve seen it.  I can give you the premise, but that really does not give it justice.  But here it is anyway.  It’s about this guy who discovers that he has the ability to bring things back to life by touching them.  Anything will come back, plants animals or people.  As the narrator puts it, though, it’s an ability that came without warranty, or instructions.  Speaking of the narrator, it is superbly done.  I think it really adds something to the story telling.  It kinda reminds me of “Arrested Development” which must be why I like the narrating.  Now I’ve described it, you may be thinking “that sounds stupid.”  But give it a chance, it’s something that needs to be experienced to truly appreciate it, kinda like water skiing.  


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